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Project Description

Allison Westbrook

EastCreek Candle Co.

Who: Allison Owenby Westbrook

Where: Lawrenceville, Ga.

What: Soy candles, oil diffusers, & natural body care; all made with premium grade fragrance and essential oils, and without the junk.

Why: A cradle candle-lover, Allison has always been obsessed with burning candles. As a teen, she even home-made candles as Christmas gifts for her family. Unfortunately, that first batch was terrible, but Allison was persistent, and spent days researching how to make the perfect soy candle. She then spent all of her Christmas money on supplies and kept re-formulating until she made the perfect candle. Down the road, a friend suggested, “You should sell these,” and the rest is history.

Allison is the epitome of persistence, passion, and hard-work, making sure every single candle is perfect.

When: Allison started making candles in her teens, and EastCreek Candle Co was created when Allison had her daughter in 2014.

Website: EastCreek Candle Co.