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Project Description

Britney Grossman

Serene Stitching

Who: Britney Grossman.

Where: Living in East Atlanta since 2014; Tennessee native.

What: Vintage-inspired, hand-embroidered, wearable art.

Why: Britney’s grandmother, Velma, taught her how to hand-embroider about 20 years ago, but it wasn’t until she moved to Atlanta that Britney was inspired to get back into embroidery to aid in relaxation.

Britney loves everything vintage- it’s simply her style and her personality. Britney makes her creations to reach out to people like herself. As for the floral motif, she chooses flowers for their bright and happy nature, which helps to ease anxiety and brighten each day.

When: Needling fresh designs since 2014. As of March 2017, Britney is making an effort to transition to full-time artist status.

Website: Serene Stitching