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Project Description

Brooke Cooler

Little West Belles

Who: Brooke Kearney Cooler

Where: Snellville, GA.

What: Handbags made of unique textiles and leather.

Why: Brooke loves creating handbags, toddler clothes, and other accessories as a hobby made into a business. She mixes vintage fabrics together and makes things that aren’t likely to be found in regular stores. The fabrics come from antique shops, flea markets and estate sales.

But where does the name, Little West Belles, come from? “West” is her 4yo daughter, Isla’s middle name. “Belle” comes from the first love of Brooke’s life: Bella. She passed away about five years ago after being Brooke’s sidekick for 12 years. Rest in peace, sweet Bella!

When: Selling since 2015.