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Project Description

Halley Dawn

Nature Vibe Jewelry

Who: Halley Dawn

Where: Atlanta, GA

What: Nature-inpired, everyday jewelry.

Why: Halley has been an artist her whole life. Throughout school she kept sketchbooks and in college she majored in painting and fine arts. When Halley was pregnant with her daughter she began to brainstorm ways she could use her creativity to build a business that would help support them. She signed up for several jewelry making classes and absolutely fell in love. That summer Halley started selling her work at local art festivals and the response she got was overwhelming. She is now running Nature Vibe Jewelry as her full-time job.

Halley’s collection is subtly inspired by nature. It has a bohemian, earthy feel to it, but is simple and elegant enough to be considered everyday wear.

When: Since 2010