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Project Description

Howard Finster


Who: Howard Finster (December 2, 1916 – October 22, 2001)

Where: Settled in Pennville, GA.

What: Folk art, visionary art, and sculptures.

Why: Howard had his first vision when he three years old; he saw his recently deceased sister Abbie Rose walking down out of the sky wearing a white gown. She told him, “Howard, you’re gonna be a man of visions.”

Indeed Howard was; his visions lead him to become a full-time preacher by the age of 16. He continued to preach until age 24, at which point he became a full-time artist. Howard believed it was his holy mission to preach through an artistic medium. Many of his paintings are spiritual in nature, and he was able to complete over 10,000 of the paintings before his death in 2001. He also leaves behind his “Paradise Garden,” which features over 46,000 sculptures of his creation.

When: Selling prints in HomeGrown since 2016.