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Project Description

Krit Khandelwal


Who: Krit Khandelwal

Where: Atlanta, GA.

What: Inspirational, hand-made, leather journals & office supplies.

Why:  Soothi is a story of positive impact:

Each Soothi design comes from Krit’s unique team of artisans. Many of these artisans belong to disenfranchised groups in developing countries and are fairly compensated and supported by Soothi so they can better support their families and communities. Additionally, Soothi uses sustainable materials—like recycled leathers, tree-free paper, and cast-off wood—as well as practices that reduce negative impact, and create a positive one. Finally, a portion of every Soothi purchase is donated to Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue hospital and sanctuary for street animals in Rajasthan, India.

When: Selling in Homegrown since 2015.

Website: Soothi