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Project Description

Natalie David

Who: Natalie David

Where: Atlanta, GA

What: High-quality, fun, and colorful duct-tape wallets and accessories.

Why: Natalie David is a freelance writer and crafter who launched CheshireNat Designs in March of 2009. She was urged by her friends, who often found her elbow-deep in duct tape, attacking soda cans with scissors, or stockpiling old t-shirts in order to find fun ways to combine them into something new and unique.

She focused on a line of high-quality, colorful duct tape wallets based on her own design of extra functionality and durability. She re-launched the line in August of 2010 to feature more of her own characters and incorporate elements of embroidery, and the results have been better than she ever could have expected.

When: Taping wallets and accessories since 2009.