Project Description

Amanda Deljou

Kismet Candle Company

Who: Amanda Deljou

Where: Atlanta, GA.

What: Sustainably-sourced soy candles.

Why: True to its name, this eco-conscious candle company was kismet, or “fate.” The story is simple: two friends wanted to create home-made gifts for the holiday season. They combined their passions of creativity, science, cooking, and fun to create their first batch of candles. After the holidays, recipients of these candles wanted more, and so did friends of the recipients! Thus, Kismet Candle Company was born. Now, Kismet is proud to say that its ingredients come from sustainable sources, and they even have a line of candles that re-uses vintage glasses to save even more resources. Additionally, Kismet offers discounted candle re-pouring services to re-fill your empty candle jars.

When: Selling at HomeGrown since 2014.