Project Description

Anne Kirn

House of Darkly

WhereGainesville, FL

What: Handmade plushes

Why: I’m a full-time nerd with way too many hobbies. I come from a background in costuming, but I took up plush for stress relief and got addicted. I still like to sew for people and ball-joint dolls when I get around to it. I’m forever thinking of something new I’d like to try making, a new technique I want to learn . . .

A lot of my influences come from my passion for science fiction and fantasy. I love comics and have way too many toys. I am an enthusiast of Japanese culture (history, music, fashion, food and language, not just anime/manga).

I still consider myself a newcomer to everything I do; I’m a perfectionist and am always looking for ways to improve and expand my horizons.

When: Joined HomeGrown in 2019