Project Description

John F. Madajewski

Who: John F. Madajewski

Where: Decatur, GA

What: Artisanal wooden bowls made from Decatur trees.

Why: John developed an interest in woodworking two decades ago, while assisting his father-in-law with construction and cabinet making. He poured his interest into working with a lathe, (a machine that shapes wood.) John kept shaping bowls on the weekends while he worked as Senior Engineer for the city of Decatur from 2002-2015. After retiring, he was able to focus more attention on his woodworking passion.

John gets the most joy from finding unique local wood and revealing the natural beauty in the grain and coloration. John’s one-of-a-kind pieces are made almost exclusively from Decatur trees. He strives to recycle wood from torn-down trees that would have otherwise gone to waste; in this way he is able to give something special to the community while also making the world a little greener.

When: Selling in HomeGrown since 2014.