Project Description

Kandus Johnson

Kandus Johnson Art

Who: Kandus Johnson

Where: Atlanta, GA

What: Wood magnets & wall art

Why: I try to create a little bit of everything, and I love experimenting. I usually create original paintings, pen & ink illustrations, woodcuts, magnets, stickers, and pins. My main focus is on woodcuts. I glue prints down on wood and then cut them out with a scroll saw, sand them, paint the sides and attach a hook, so they come ready to hang. Wood is durable, fun, and this way, you do not have to worry about buying a frame for a print. I’m also starting to play around more with 3D woodworking. I hate realism but I love the world we live in, so I like to take the surroundings around me and merge it with my imagination.

When: Joined HomeGrown in 2018