Project Description

Keri McCulty

Kuiperly Bag Company

What: Handmade bags and clutches

Why: It all started with the sale of a sewing machine in Rochester New York in 1978. It’s how my parents met. They were small business owners throughout my life which laid the ground work for Kuiperly Bag Co. ®️ The moment I realized I could turn a beautiful raw textile into something incredible I was sparked with the passion to share it with others.

Throughout life I challenged everything, you could call it stubborn… but I prefer to call it undefeatable. Making mistakes and challenging boundaries that make you uncomfortable is the way I operate and through that diversity I have found a place where I thrive as a small business owner, textile designer and creator. Kuiperly Bag Co ®️ was built to share the loveliest adventure accessories I can imagine and to inspire others to push the limits of life, to live mindfully, and to seek ultimate fulfillment through life’s adventures, whatever they may bring.


When: Joined HomeGrown in 2019