Project Description

The Browns & the Scotts

Wander North GA

Where: Clayton, GA

What: Stickers, Hats & T-shirts inspired by North Georgia

Why: We will put more back in than we take out, realizing that we are one out of many who share this place. Many have been here for generations, while others only for a while, while still others are just passing through. We value all members of these groups and count them as allies when they care about this place and work towards it’s common good. We will commit to serving the community around us and will do what we can, how we can, when asked. We understand that we live in a shared place and it is our responsibility as a company to follow the rhythms of where we live, only seeking to lead when we believe there is an opportunity to foster the health of the community, and actively attempting to partner and collaborate whenever given the chance.

We will never forget that our most essential of distinctions, is our people. For our customers, we will always be humbled by their support, small or large and will wake up daily ready to earn the privilege of creating something worthy of their interest. For our employees and ambassadors, we will provide a place that is safe, diverse, and plays to their individual strengths. For locals of North Georgia, we will celebrate the people and places that call this place home, tread lightly wherever we go, and seek to stimulate economic impact in the region that creates living wage jobs for the next generation.

When: Joined HomeGrown in 2019