Cuddly Cactus


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Whether you’re a green thumb or plant killer – low-maintenance, great for mental health happy potted Cuddly Cactus is for you. A great desk accessory, this plant still thrives under horrible fluorescent lighting, and unlike the real thing, it LOVES to be touched! This cactus is inspired by real flowering saguaro cactus, and made in soft minky. Its happy smile and waving arms mean it’s really excited to meet you, and it’s crowned with a bright pink fake flower. Cactus is securely, but not permanently “potted” in foam (so that if it should be manhandled, the foam can be replaced). Pot has a subtle but attractive brand sticker on the back.

NOTE: This pot style comes in a color assortment and may not be as pictured, but will still coordinate well with the cactus.

Size (with pot): 8″ tall, ~5″ wide (~7″ from hand to hand)

1 in stock


Made by House of Darkly

Each plush is made with a combination of hand and machine sewing, so each will vary slightly. All my plush is made from my own original patterns. My work is designed for adult collectors, and may present a choking hazard. Some items contain wire or plastic pellets. Please use your own common sense about safety. My toys are NOT safe for your pet! Not designed to be machine-washable; please spot-clean on the surface only if necessary.

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