Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a a real life superhero and an incredible role model, displaying constant courage, persistence, and poise. This mug features my original painting of a RBG portrait on the front, done in bright colors and with a faint rainbow tinge on her robes. The frame includes elements from her iconic lace collars (the top part echoes her famous beaded “dissent” collar, and in the portrait she is wearing her favorite simple beaded jabot).

There are three options for text beneath the portrait: TRAILBLAZER, IRREPLACEABLE or I DISSENT. There are too many descriptions for Justice Ginsberg but I felt these three were the most poignant. (And, of course, she should literally BE irreplaceable until January 2021).

Make your selection from the drop-down menu upon ordering.

On the back of the mug is the phrase “make her proud.”

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Made by Lemon Zesty

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I Dissent, Trailblazer, Irreplaceable

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