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Fat Cat Sauce WS

Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce

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Bottle size: 5 FL OZ glass bottle

Cat in Heat: This sultry, scorching, smoky concoction boasts a complex Creole-inspired blend of ghost peppers, habaneros, chipotles, roasted tomatoes, cilantro, smoked paprika and more — with an ever-increasing heat level that lingers long in the mouth. Kick up your sandwiches, eggs, BBQ, stews and chili with just a few drops, or use it as a base for some mouth-searing (and mouth-watering) chicken wings. Heat Level = VERY hot

Chairman Meow's Revenge: This blast-worthy blend gets its bodacious bite from the superhot scorpion pepper — one of the spiciest chilies on earth. We’ve paired it with some extreme aromatics, including garlic, cilantro and lime juice, to craft a strong and savory sauce that stings with serious flavor and heat. Great on pizza, sandwiches, tacos or burgers, mixed into salsa and soup, or dabbed on grilled meats and vegetables. Heat Level = VERY hot

Hiss-y Fit: The intense Carolina Reaper pepper, currently the world's hottest, forms the foundations of this furious and flavorful sauce. Blended with savory jalapenos, roasted red peppers and garlic, the sauce provides a powerful, mouth-numbing punch to all your favorite foods. Dab it on steak, seafood and bbq, mix into pasta, dips and soups, add into sauces and stews, or toss with wings or splash over tacos for a seriously fiery feast. Don't let the name fool you -- this sauce ain't "kitten" around. Heat Level = EXTRA hot

Peach Maple Bourbon: The sleepy Southern charms of Savannah, GA inspired this sweet and savory concoction, which blends ripe peaches, maple syrup, bourbon whiskey, spices and chilies into a delicious and versatile condiment. Try it as a glaze for ham or turkey, drizzled over fried flounder or catfish, served alongside soft cheeses, or poured over ice cream and cheesecake and more. It's the cat's meow, y'all. Heat Level = Medium


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