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Sassywax Candles

Row Your Boat Mermaid Tin Candle

Row Your Boat Mermaid Tin Candle

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A sun-kissed summer of beachy ozone and warm green leaves with languidly sensual elements of wild jasmine, sugar cane, double pearl tuberose, hibiscus tea, coconut water, key lime, mandarin and tonka bean. Light this one in the depths of Winter when your heart cries out for white sands and tropical nights.

This exceptional scent pairs perfectly with sassy art featuring a mermaid perched on a rock with her glass of wine, waving byeee to everyone and anyone who annoys her, surrounded by text that reads "Row Row Row Your Boat The Fuck Away From Me."

This candle would make a fantastic gift for a Secret Santa, for co-workers and besties, for essential workers and people working on the frontlines of the pandemic, and, well, for just about anyone.

Size: 8 oz candle tin
Burn time: About 30+ hours
Throw: Medium / Strong throw will fill a bathroom or small bedroom


Our new candles are a collaboration between two sisters: an artist and an engineer. The original artwork is by Lemon Zesty (Monica), and the candles are by SassyWax (Alicia). It's a project almost a year in the making and we think you will love them as much as we do! Each scent has been rigorously tested for scent, throw and lifespan.

Scent is a very personal, subjective thing. Some people prefer very strong scents, some prefer a light, background scent. For this reason, we tried to grade each fragrance on a light to strong scale. Sea Salt, Ozone and Jasmine ranks MEDIUM/Strong on our scent scale.

What to do with your candle
Trim wick to ¼” before each burn. This is probably the number one piece of advice to get the most out of your candle. A proper size wick will help it burn longer and should optimize the scent. It is also the safest practice because it helps you to avoid a high, wild flame.

Make first burn last about 3-4 hours. This allows your candle to reach close to the edges of your tin. This “melt pool” is what releases the scent. The bigger the melt pool, the more scent. Short burns will cause it to make small melt pools which never give you the best scent throw, and may cause it to tunnel down the middle, giving you a shorter candle life.

Have subsequent burns be for about 2 hours to yield maximum life. Soy wax has a “memory," which means it will take less time to reach a full melt pool in later burns. Of course you can burn for longer periods of time, but you will get less total hours out of your candle since it is burning hotter and consuming the wax faster.

Our candle testing uses this optimal 4 hour, 2 hour, 2 hour burn times to calculate how many hours you can get out of a candle.
Wait at least 2 hours before you burn again. This gives your wax time to cool and harden, and will make the candle last longer overall.

We use lead free cotton wicks and hand pour the candles in small batches in Atlanta, GA. Because our candles are made with natural ingredients, they burn cleanly.


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